Flower Garden Annuals & Perennials Mix

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Ideal for sowing during the autumn months, this mixture will have no problem surviving the cold months of winter, and will spring to action by April, producing blooms through to July. The first colours to appear are the Siberian wallflower and Californian poppy. Silene then adds a touch of pink and forget-me-nots later add a touch of blue, finishing with the warmer tones of coreopsis, dianthus, delphiniums, echinacea and rudbeckia. Simply open the box, scatter the seeds where you want them to grow, cover and wait for a spectacular display! Height 30-100cm (12-39in). Net weight of box: 200g, including 15g seeds and 185g of vermiculite as a \'carrier\' to help ensure the seed is distributed evenly when sowing

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