Gournet BBQ System Poultry Roaster

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Not your run-of-the-mill poultry roaster. The versatile, 2-in-1 design of the Gourmet BBQ System Poultry Roaster empowers you to barbecue your bird and sides at the same time. Prepare a crispy yet moist chicken at the centre of your barbecue, while vegetables cook around the rim. Fill the centre liquid container to make a succulent roast chicken, or remove it to use the entire pan for cooking vegetables or sides. Dishwasher safe. Fits into the GBS cooking grate so that it stays in place while you\'re barbecuing. Roast a whole chicken using the liquid infusion cup. Remove the cup and use basket alone for roasting Vegetables or other small food items. Stainless Steel.
Size: 33 x 40 x 9cm

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