70th Anniversary Kettle, 57cm Metal Grey

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Introducing one of a kind Limited Edition charcoal grill - to celebrate Weber Anniversary 1952-2022! Enjoy grilling on this very special metallic gray Mastertouch with true vintage look and nostalgic features, like special winged logo, solid bottom tray, retro-looking wheels and anniversary insignia. Nostalgic look in metallic gray with wood-looking handles with integrated tool hooks. Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid, makes the barbecue long lasting and weather-proof. 57 cm triple-plated Gourmet Barbecue System cooking grate that fits round GBS inserts. Tuck-Away Lid Holder for flipping the lid into when checking on the food. Built-in lid thermometer for easy temperature read. 10 year limited waranty
Size: 75 x 65 x107cm (BULK)

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